What does winning mean?

What does winning mean – Part Deux

A year or more ago now I asked what does winning mean to this Connacht team. Due to the current injury crisis there is a growing debate on the Connacht Clan specifically about the Newcastle game tomorrow and what can be expected from the Challenge Cup this season, which relates to this question. There are a lot of interesting factors at play here, which I want to spread out into a more general discussion of winning.

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Cardiff v Connacht – Reactions in the immediate aftermath.

Cardiff 20: Connacht 16.


The streak is over.


Before the game I said felt that if we couldn’t back up last weeks performance then it would mean we haven’t progressed as much as I hoped. We didn’t get the win we maybe should have gotten or possibly even deserved, but given the extenuating circumstances, even though the team and supporters are hurting, we shouldn’t get too down about this result.

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Reactions and Thoughts after Thomond

To say that Connacht’s victory over Munster was a long time coming would be an understatement, but the manner of the victory has blown many commentators away. On a weekend when most teams were content to keep things tight Connacht illustrated the skills and invention that have characterized Lam’s time in charge. In truth this was also a victory for Lam’s coaching. Difficult games in the first season where we could not buy a point in the second half and frequently attempted to play out of our own half without knowing how to do that now feel like a long time ago. We now have a squad that are not only comfortable with ball in hand but are capable of assessing their options quickly and consistently put their opposition on the back foot, with threats from anywhere on the field and in any jersey number.

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