Glasgow V Connacht Reactions

If you take this game in complete isolation, ignoring the impact of the world cup, the league table, the selections, and just watched this game back again, I think you’d find that this was a really good game of rugby and had almost everything you could have wanted from it. Afterwards even though I was gutted for the loss I felt hopeful, and I felt ready to write a review. But as the days have gone on and I’ve read and listened to the reactions, I’ve felt less and less certain of what I saw or what to think of Connacht’s performance Friday night.

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2015-16 expectations and predictions

The pro12 is back in action, and because of the world cup I’m not likely to see much of it (or at least the games featuring Connacht) for several weeks. Good to see that efforts are being made to maintain and improve the league’s credibility and popularity. In lieu of a Connacht-Dragons match review, here are some thoughts about how the league is shaping up: Continue reading

Preseason – Time To Party!

Connacht Season Preview

If I was extra lazy I could possibly just dust off last season’s preview and change some dates, and for the most part we’d be good to go. That may seem a little depressing but although Connacht achieved their best finish ever last season, many of the same faults remain. However, they were highlighted in the season review so I’m not going to go over old ground. The start of a new season is a time for optimism, and I believe there are reasons to be optimistic!

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